5 Eco-friendly ways to keep your place cool in the hot summer

Updated: Apr 21

Summer has come and that we can not escape the summer heat, it’s only the start.we's got more months to travel. So, the sole solution left is to search out ways to beat the summer heat. you will be thinking that air conditioners and coolers are the permanent and reliable solutions to it. But let me tell you that if you get yourself accommodated to the concept of turning on AC for all the day long, you must be prepared for paying an enormous amount of electricity bill at the tip of the month. Why paying so much once you can beat the summer heat in natural ways and keep you cool in an additional practical way! instead of that, the running off AC and coolers contribute to the massive quantity of fossil fuels which is making the planet hotter.

If there are some cost-effective, viable and energy-saving solutions available to stay your home cool without increasing carbon footprints, why not use it? I'm not saying that you simply to prevent using air conditioners totally but lower its uses gradually and use the subsequent methods right at your home. In fact, various interior decorators in India also suggest following these methods to embellish your aim an exclusive and distinct way.

Functional ways to chill your home during summer:

1. White coloured walls

Science says that white colour is efficient to reverberate light and thus creates a satisfying and energetic atmosphere. it's also able to generate ventilation effects and it reflects heat rays from the sun. so, it should be your initiative to colour all the walls and ceilings with white colour especially during the summer to make a cool environment inside the house.

2. Green window boxes