Easy Ways To Safeguard Your Home In The Monsoon

Easy Ways To Safeguard Your Home In The Monsoon

Monsoons are by far one of the most exciting seasons of the year. You can sit in the balcony of your house and watch the raindrops kiss the surface of the earth. The view from Sunita Park apartments, Raipur, during the rains is an ethereal one. These luxury flats in Raipur give you a spectacular bird’s eye view of the city.

Western Heights gives wings to your imagination, as it offers not just 3BHK flats in Sunita park but a choice of breathtakingly spacious 2.5, and 5BHK apartments too. It promises you a cocoon of luxury as well as immaculate connectivity.

Getting back to the monsoon, there is no denying the fact that this season causes maximum damage to your home. The most affected by the downpour, are the walls of your house. Leakages, cracks, mold, fungus, etc., can be nightmares for any homemaker even if it’s a luxury apartment in Raipur.

It is very important to safeguard your house from the moisture and humidity while monsoons are around, to ensure that you don’t end up needing major home repairs.

So, refer to this handy guide to protect your home from the monsoons this year.

  • Water leakages:

Easy Ways To Safeguard Your Home In The Monsoon

Keeps a check of cracks in walls and ceilings which leads to water seeping from outside and later leads to fungal growth? To protect walls from damage, apply a good quality coat of paint and sealant, or if possible add a coat of waterproofer on the external side of the house to safeguard it.

  • Check water pipelines:

Easy Ways To Safeguard Your Home In The Monsoon

Make sure that all the pipes are free from cracks and if you spot any of them, seal them as soon as possible. Also, make sure that the pipes are not clogged with any dust or waste. Say no to termites!!

Generally, termites grow in a moist and humid environment. Keep a note of your furniture and ensure everything made of wood is properly polished to avoid fungus.

  • Save the wooden doors:

Easy Ways To Safeguard Your Home In The Monsoon

Use sandpaper to scale down the swelling of the wooden doors, cabinets, and wooden furniture. Also, oiling will prevent your wooden door and furniture from swelling and wax will protect hardwood from excess moisture.

  • Keep your home airy and open:

Easy Ways To Safeguard Your Home In The Monsoon

Ensure there is cross-ventilation in the house. Use air-conditioners or dehumidifier to keep your house moist free. But if you don’t have any of it, use natural sunlight to get rid of the moisture in the room.

  • Postpone washing:

Easy Ways To Safeguard Your Home In The Monsoon

In the rainy season, carpets are prone to getting smelly and damaged. So the best thing to do is to roll them up and keep them in a dry place till the monsoon ends. In case they are made of silk or any other expensive materials, use silicon bags, and roll it up.

If in any case, it is not possible to roll up the carpets and rugs, make sure that they do not get wet.

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